Tutorial How to properly activate and use USB Tethering on PhoenixOS Darkmatter (and any Android-x86 based OS)


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For USB Tethering, people will find some workaround way like plug and activate it when the OS is booting or using an app called Tetherx86 to use tether. But actually, there is one easy way that just need to use basic command like ifconfig, ip link and dmesg without having to install any external app. And I'll show you how :)
These are basic linux utilites that Android-x86 must have, so you can use this for any other Android-x86 based like PrimeOS or BlissOS too.

Plug in your phone and type these command to load RDNIS host modules
modprobe rndis_host modprobe cdc_ether modprobe usbnet modprobe usbcore modprobe usb_common
(If there is no output, that mean it sucessfully loaded)

Next, check dmesg output of RDNIS using command
dmesg | grep rdnis

Pay attention to eth1 part, that's the interface name of the USB Tether, if your name is different then that's ok, just replace those next eth1 command with your interface name.

Now comes to the "Activate" part :p, Go to Ethernet Settings and turn Ethernet off

Then go to your Terminal, type :
su (if you use Terminal Emulator or Turmux) ifconfig eth0 down (turn off eth0 interface) ifconfig eth1 down (turn off eth1 interface) ip link set eth0 name eth_bak (set eth0 interface name as eth_bak) ip link set eth1 name eth0 (set eth1 interface name as eth0) ifconfig eth0 up (turn on eth0 interface)

Then turn on Ethernet in Settings to check, you will have the result :)

Ok so now you can connect to USB Tethering, so you may ask what if you restart the PC, will you have to type everything again ? Well yes, you have to. So you may want to prepare a .sh script to execute it everytime you want to use tether.

And also, if you want to use Ethernet instead of Tethering, you can simply turn off Ethernet in Settings and use some command to revert the interface name back :

su (use root if you use Terminal Emulator or Turmux) ifconfig eth0 down (turn off eth0 interface) ifconfig eth_bak down (turn off eth1 interface) ip link set eth0 name eth1 (set eth0 interface name back as arh1) ip link set eth_bak name eth0 (set eth_bak interface name back as eth0) ifconfig eth0 up (turn on eth0 interface)

So that's it. Good luck :)


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So update : Because Android-x86 kernel have this commit :

Which mean every usbnet now using the same ethX interface, so looking at dmesg isn't necessary anymore
Just need to type script and done :)
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Dear someone in PrimeOS Ghost server, nice job in copying dumbass. You literally leaked out 2 things that I can bust you watching my post.

1. As I said above, usbcore module don't need to load using modprobe anymore since it's built-in into kernel already. But you still copy it from the post
2. eth_bak can be renamed into any interface name, even eth_my_ass . But you literally copy like what I did in this post :))))

Oh and suprisingly, I've sent a .sh file into Supremegamers once to activate tethering too

I found it in my PC

And I can't believe that you copied the script almost 100% like this 😂😂

In short, I don't want to hold some stupid copyright or something since I am not Loltrex. But when you applied something from the Internet please put the SOURCE
Isn't that hard ??
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