How to save your alsa audio configuration on Android-x86


I. Introduction

Audio problem is one of the most asked question in our Discord server, whether it's mic problem, or some HDMI audio. After digging the whole Internet for some fix (which can even make you bootloop) or alsamixer, you are wondering is there any way that you can save the audio config into a file that you can carry around ? Well...... yes ! So in this post I'm gonna teach you to do that.

The advantage of this method that you can bring this file anywhere you want, either it's Android-x86, BlissOS or PhoenixOS Darkmatter, etc. You can just edit a bit to automatically load it up.
The disadvantage is..... well it's your own config, sharing with others might not work for them (unless you guys use the same audio card)

Ok so let's get started.

II. Save the config


We are gonna use alsactl, a tool from alsa-utils. Open your Terminal, get root with su command. And then type :

alsa_ctl store -f /anywhere/you/want.state

For example in my picture above :

alsa_ctl store -f /system/etc/alsa/mysave.state

Note : Although I said everywhere, but you have to set it under /system or /data

After that, check the file to see if it's exist


As you can see, all of my config have been saved, including my audio card, my HDMI and my Webcam Mic in one single file.

III. Load the config


After saving your config, now try to load it. Restart, open Terminal with su again and type

alsa_ctl restore -f /anywhere/you/want.state

For example in my picture above :

alsa_ctl restore -f /system/etc/alsa/mysave.state

And check if everything loaded correctly.
If it does, then alsamixer will immediately loaded. Now time to make it load automatically.

IV. Make it load in the next boot

*For PhoenixOS Darkmatter
Go to /system/etc/ , you can see the audio config is here


Now clear everything and put the restore command above into the file


Save it, and done.

*For other Android-x86 OSes
Open /system/etc/ , scroll down to this part where the alsa config located.


Select it and replace with the restore code live above.


Here is what you need to replace. Save it, then done.

Good luck :D
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