Info If you want to play Android games on PC, it's better not to use this OS.


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You must know about the Android OS which is no longer being developed namely Remix OS. This OS is based on android 6.0 and has a smooth user interface and has multiwindow capabilities even though it is only based on android 6.0 which when compared to the AOSP version of android 6.0 can only do split windows. obviously it can be done because when it was developed the multiwindow feature was implemented, honestly the multiwindow feature has been able to be applied since android 4.3 and if you use a widescreen type samsung cellphone this feature has been added to the OS. Remix OS developed by Jide aims not as a gaming platform OS on a PC but an OS that can be used for everyday use. therefore there will be many problems if you try to play games on this OS, for example:

- BattleRoyale Free fire game that stops at loading section.

- Mobile legend experiencing fps drop.

- Reboot suddenly while in the game.

- And many more problems

So if you guys want to try this OS, just because you want to play games on this OS, I suggest it's better to use Android x86 AOSP and BlissOS OS or if you want to force a similar interface, just use Phoenix OS or Prime OS. So that's it from me and until later.

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