KDE neon | One of the Best Linux Distro for a Newbie

First of all you need to know what is Linux.
To be clear, Linux is no operating system from as is.
In simple words it's the thing which operating systems has to depend on.
Linux kernel handles everything that happens in your operating system from the core level which includes hardware interaction. It is the very first thing which your PC loads before loading up the actual OS.

You should be surprised to know what about 67% of the internet is depended on linux !
Not only that, android phones that you use are solely based on linux kernel !

Now let's not hop into the Linux topic since this article is about Linux-Distro's specifically.

To be noted that If you got a weak PC and coming from windows then you'll find that Linux Distros perform 10x faster than any windows no matter what your hardware is. Because Linux and pretty much anything based on it is open-source and is being developed every minute.

KDE neon
KDE neon runs on Plasma 5 Desktop Environment and is based on Ubuntu LTS. Plasma 5 DE was initially developed by the same authors of KDE neon.
What is Desktop Environment ?
If you ever used an android phone then you should be obviously fimiliar with Home Launchers. So, in simple words, Desktop-Environments are more like the Home Launchers that you use on Android. But in this case, you need to cut the word Home. Because, a DE on a linux distro is responsible for the whole user-interface system dealing with all of your application behaviors and more.
KDE neon Overview
KDE neon with Sweet theme​
I personally use it on my notebook which runs on an Intel Celeron @1.5ghz and got about 4gb of ram.​
This surely gives me a 100 times better experience in comparison with Windows.​
KDE neon file explorer​
KDE neon with Wine installed.​
If you really wanna move from windows and give a try to Linux then this is something which you should definitely start with. There is no wonder that KDE is the best at it's customization level.
You don't need to know some rocket science to do customize it as in other DE's out there. In their store, there are literally more than 3k Themes, plugins, extensions and lot more stuffs all about customization. You can change all such things directly from the Settings without any headaches.
Also the way KDE deals with applications running within it will surely give you a lot more native feel than other DE's.
And if you're worried about whether would you be able to use the applications that you use on Windows on such a Linux distro as well, then the answer is yes. Most of the popular applications for PC do have a linux variant. Even if you don't find a linux variant then you can install Wine from the store which can help you to run most Windows applications/games in linux natively!
Quick insights on KDE neon
  • It's based on Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support)
  • Plasma 5 DE
  • Very user-friendly
  • Highly customizable (Most probably every inch)
  • Lightweight in using PC resources like RAM & CPU (When no application is running, it barely eats 350mb ram)
  • The user-interface and functionality is outstanding
  • There is an application store called Discover which allows you to easily install things.
  • Super productive file manager
  • A Clipboard system which can hold up to 2k results!

Download and install

  • Go to the official downloads page > Click here
  • Download the user-edition
  • Flash the .iso file in a usb-pendrive with something like rufus (Partition-Scheme> MBR for Legacy; GPT for Uefi)
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Jan 31, 2020
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That's just another modified windows version with a bunch of bloated pen-testing tools.
Using windows for pen-testing is unimaginable 🤪
And this article is about a Linux distro, don't drag useless Windows here.
This is make that usable 😉


Dec 24, 2019
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Well, kde neon is briliant but kde plasma DE is quite heavy for low end user.
But there is another distro for my old lappy, time to seek it

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