[Mesa 19.1] Pubg Mobile HDR Ultra FPS Gameplay with Kernel 4.19.92


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very nice for integrated gpu , with mesa 19 early release and kernel 4.13 i was able to play without stuttering on my amd fx8150 and r9270x gpu, i guess it was due ogl shader caching , but always when landing or in random place specially when find an enemy lol , ive tried most pubg versions except the china and ios, and pubg mobile feels truly smooth thats why i like it over steam pubg or pubg lite, even if i get higher fps/refresh rates for me feels a bit slower, i heard chinese version now support higher refresh rates/fps , i installed it but seems it only works with china networks , i like play shooters at 90hz90fps on crt screens, and seems international version will support soon:
ive tried that gfx tool that comes with dm to change framerate on current pubg version but no luck, however i hope the next updates bring it.
the only sad thing is that now we have to wait a lot for a match on na severs or that is filled with boots but right yesterday i had a intense match lol , its good know each one specs and settings , thanks for the video dude.
can you help how can i install it on my am apu?

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