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AXON updated PhoenixOS DarkMatter Windows Installer (Community Mirror) with a new update entry:

PhoenixOS DarkMatter Exo4.4

So guys, this is it! The ultimate version of DarkMatter is now live!
And I'm glad to tell that this version is going to be the most stable release in the Exo4.x series.
BIG NOTE: Im sorry to say that you guys will need to format your existing DarkMatter partition to install this, if you try to update from an old version then you will face lot of errors.

And another funny thing is that as you all know it, some thieves are planning...

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pretty cool update, seems that my toaster will not need kernel 4.13 anymore, i was testing it all day and i found not issue on performance with def mesa 17, and i love that kernel multiboot feature will be very useful on my future tests, for those ones that dont know how use it just add a new boot enrty to grub/menu.lts (kernel41992 file are inside iso , copy to PhoenixOS folder)
and about that alsa settings i though it was for pick the default audio device but there say its only for calibrate (i was about ditch soundabout/lesseraudio lol) hope it become a feature one day , alright thanks for your hard work guys

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