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This is a special series of videos from Team Supreme gamers.
These kind of in-depth & knowledgeable videos are not available on youtube and definitely deserves a documentary to enlighten our future generation.
This series is only for your entertainment and knowledge purpose anything said in the video doesn't mean to harm any person or company feelings.

The series is Produced & Edited by @Night and voice over is done @gh05tf4yc3.

And we hope you'll love them.

( 如果您来自中国,请使用VPN )

Episode 1 :-

The 1st Episode of the series is about the origin & history of android x86 & it's various forks like remix os & phoenix os.

Episode 2 :-

This is the 2nd Episode of the series and it's about the Android PC Emulators and how they are different from android x86.

Please subscribe our Youtube channel for more episodes & other videos it'll encourage us to make more content
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Hi, great contents you guys have here. I already completed two episodes. Those content making in these video is probably a hard and long research work so great job there and I thoroughly enjoy it. Hope to see more! Great work!

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