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I am a Indian who lives in Mumbai and has taken a 50 mega bits per second connection through a pppoe /dsl connection(Edgenet bradband services pvt ltd) . Now this internet was blazing fast for the first few months . But after some time i noticed that downloads from all other sites except google drive links , steam , some microsoft and some apkpure links , all other downloads where capped at 765 KB/s to 800KB/s , even proton vpn(free version) gave the same speed but before everything was mostly being downloaded at 2-5 MB/s . When i brought this to their notice , they gave excuses that because of higher use of internet due covid servers have have caped their download speed .
Ok . Then I went to download ubuntu from their website which was capped at 765 KB/s to 800KB/s but i clearly remember downloading it before at 2-3MB/s . Then I went to advanced download from where you could select the server from where you can download . I got one from India with a max 10MB/s and 100MB/s capacity . I downloaded from both but they were capped at 765 KB/s to 800KB/s . Now for the fun part , i used my mobile tethering to download it and it downloaded at 1-2MB/s which is a limitation my JIO connection . Complained again but this time they refused to compare a mobile network and a cable network . After much complaining They said that it is some pairing issue with servers and extra money is needed for every server they pair . WTF !! Everything stopped there and nothing was done after that .
So i this big article for your help that if you have a ethernet connection and are facing these issues or not ?
OR is it that my ISP is making more money by limiting my connection ?
I appreciate your help because I am frustrated which my connection .

Even in game downloads in call of duty mobile ,freefire are slow except pubg mobile .
Downloading games from steam are fine but games over 7.0 gb are slow . the first part for 7.0 gb downloads at 5-8MB/s but after that the downloads speed drop to the very mysterious 765 KB/s to 800KB/s speed . the speed is not fluctuating as speed is constant at 765 KB/s to 800KB/s and never goes up or down .


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They are throttling your connection.
I'm experiencing this more than ever before for the last few weeks so I had to seek out for a workaround.
I use a 4G mobile network, ain't got any broadband connection yet. They too throttle my connection during heavy load hours. Now I use a cracked expressVPN on my mobile and usb-tether that via an app called VPN Hotspot to my PC. Normally I can get the optimum network speed without any tricks during 4am to 10am but in rest of the day it's more than half the speed for most the sites other than google and such(tho they're slow too but not much). Basically anything that is being served from a Singaporean server is faster for me. So I connect to a Singaporean location via expressVPN during the time when my connection is normally throttled. This allows me to persist a stable 8mbps download speed from Google sites during the whole day. The other sites average in 2-3mbps, e.g GitHub mega and various remote websites.
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