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Thank you for 10k Darkmatter Fans, we really appreciate the love & support you've been giving us.

Building things like kernel & mesa drivers to support more hardware & get more performance out of your potato laptop is not an easy job specially when official developers seems to have abandon the phoenix os project like Prime OS team did, that's why most of the so-called modders out there has nothing to update in their new versions, they don't have such skills to compile kernel & mesa all they know is to copy files from other projects & put them under heavy ads services to rip off every penny from their followers. These kind of mindsets are only virus to our community & we should always try stay away from those scammers. They only ruin their country & people image in front of other community members.

So far we’ve achieved many things with our Darkmatter build & you can expect more in future, we’ve created this amazing Phoenix OS community over our Discord server with the help of our amazing members where you get instant solutions of your problems in your own language & we've also forced our members to follow rules so that no unwanted or unhealthy person can ruin it. We are learning many thing about android x86 day by day & we love to share it with our community, hopefully one day we’ll be confident & knowledgeable to make our own os like electrikjesus build Bliss OS x86 , & yes he is former phoenix os modder.

But things like these requires time, money & more importantly good pc hardware axon still using a intel celeron 1.5Ghz cheap-top to compile kernel, mesa & other stuffs, plus we need manage things like our website & fast download mirrors which are always out of quota. so we decided to use google ads or our website this way you can help us to pay our hosting & domain charges, all of ads are clean & provided by google & also there are no shady links or popups hidden that you might see on other free websites.

we don’t want to do something like patreon or donations for now because we know many people come here are young students & they don’t have enough resources to donate others, so if you just white-list our website in you adblock & subscribe to our youtube channel it’ll be a great help. Also spread darkmatter among your friends it'll be great to have them aboard on our server, we’re also helping people via some 3rd party groups like facebook & QQ messenger for Chinese people those are not maintained by us but admins are in contact with us.

In the end we just hope that phoenix os team will continue on this project again or aleast make it opensource so that people like us can further update it for all the supreme gamers out there.

Take care of yourself, eat healthy and stay at home until corona is gone.


Atleast kernel was documented in android x86 but mesa compat with pos was a hell of a task DM does good job. Looking forward for new adventures

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