The best version of Windows which is unknown for most people

Everyone knows about Windows Xp / Vista, Windows 7 or 8 and now Windows 10.
But, did you ever wonder if there was any other version between these?
Well, actually there are also some other different kinds of windows distributions.

For example : Windows Server and Windows Embedded Industry

Now you might think what are these?
I'll try to give a short definition.

Windows Server is basically used for cloud-computing. To make it more clear in a simple manner, you can say that Windows-Server distributions are used to run web-applications. Although, I don't really mean that it's only limited or is only to run web-applications. There are lots of other things for which this is used. But as a normal user you really don't need to care about it. Mainly companies providing web-services can afford it since it's not opensource and costs money for setting it up and maintaining it. To be noted that this is not for personal-use.
Yes, this is the reason I'm writing this article. This is something that you can use even as a normal user. Although, the Embedded Industry distributions are specially made for commercial use. For example you might find these distributions of windows running in a range of edge devices across retail, manufacturing, healthcare, industries and so on. Which means it comes with less bloat and no windows-tracking :)
I personally use it and it's really lightweight in using your computer's resources like RAM or CPU. As you can see above that it's only using 257 MB of ram. (Depends on your total ram, for you it can be more)
I have it installed over my notebook which got a Intel Celeron Processor @1.5ghz and 4 gigs of RAM.
And trust me, this is blazing fast for weak hardware's.
I've tried all the windows versions and also tried to de-bloat them, but neither of them could give me the expected experience. Also trying Windows 10 over this weak notebook was a nightmare.
Some of the things that I'd like to highlight
  • It is extremely lightweight
  • It's based on Windows 8.1 which includes some of the major features available in windows 10
  • Is quite futuristic than the earlier windows versions like Windows 7
  • Lately, Microsoft dropped support for Windows7. But this version is still supported by them (LTS)
  • Performs lot faster than windows 10 and the response time is also great for games and other applications
  • You can install a dark-style theme easily as a part of the system just like windows 10
  • You can get a clean windows 7 alike start-menu easily
  • You can use the latest Windows-Apps from the Windows-Store!

Tips to get some extra juice out of it
  1. Disable Windows-Defender from Control-Panel (It's really not much useful as it's outdated and can slow down your tasks)
  2. Disable WIndows-Firewall from Control-Panel
  3. If you find that the windows update process is running in the background for days then disable auto-updates from control panel

Where to get it?

You can download the bootable installer in the official Microsoft web-page
Then flash it in a usb-pendrive with something like rufus (Partition-Scheme> MBR for Legacy; GPT for Uefi)

>Download< x64 (Recommended for mid-range PC)
>Download< x86 (Recommended for very-weak PC)
Activation Key
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Thanks Axon for this I never knew about it before and it is the best Windows 8 version I have seen. This is what the consumer version should have been. Installed it on an old low spec HP with Vista laptop I had laying around and it's running great.

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