Things That Can Get You Banned in PUBG MOBILE

If you're a PUBG MOBILE player then you should definitely check this article carefully.
These are also partially noted in the PUBG terms-of-service. Most of the PUBG players aren't aware about these. Thus they literally rage for a while wondering why their account got banned.

Since it seems like that PUBGM developers can't stop cheaters from cheating, so they're basically trying to block anything suspicious from the basic level. (Which really do not matter for cheaters anyway 🙃 )

Below I will mention one of the major causes of BAN in PUBGM:

  • Using VPN services

    Yes, this may seem weird but you will get ban sooner or later.
    The theory from Tencent :
    We block VPN to resist users from unauthorized access on area specific events and so on (Which also includes, cheating advantage)

    From PUBG-MOBILE Discord-Server - #faq Link1 Link2

    Here is an user in our discord server who got banned because of using VPN



  • Blocking hosts or using any Ad-blocking software

    If you're using any ad-block software on android then that can be also a cause since that interferes with your client network.
    Also, if you're using a rooted device and blocking additional hosts in your /system/etc/hosts file then you must immediately remove those.

  • Using GFX TOOLS

    I know what you might be thinking, but the truth is that this is also one of the biggest reasons for being banned. Although, most of us are still using these but no matter what tool you use, you will never know when PUBG will update their system to detect such graphical changes made from a third-party GFX-TOOL. So, even while you find it safe but it might not be for long. And there is no guarantee that whatever tool you use will remain safe. So, use it on your own risk.

    From PUBG-MOBILE Discord-Server - #faq Link1 Link2
    Note: GXF-TOOLS and Gltools are two different things, it's safe to use Gltools but not GFX-TOOLS.

  • Playing without Emulator Detection on PC

    If You're playing on PC over a Emulator then you should always confirm that whether the system is being detected as an emulator. If you don't get such an notice at the start of the game then you must immediately logout from the game and identify what's causing it, because if you don't then you will surely get banned.

  • Installing PUBG manually from an unknown source

    If you install PUBG manually or from a backup outside of play-store then that can also cause ban in some cases.
    Since there is an regulation:

    From PUBG-MOBILE Discord-Server - #faq Link1 Link2
    There is a google-play API which allows the apps hosted there to verify whether it was installed from Play-Store or not. (Something like signature verification)

    Here is an user in our discord server who had used Apk & Obb which was downloaded on GameLoop Emulator into PhoenixOS


  • Getting 10+ reports on your account

    Truth to be told, even if a number of people reports against you without any reasons just because you killed them (I've seen a lot of people with such habit) then sadly your account gets banned naturally. I've also seen some of the youtube streamers getting banned on due to this.

    A user in our discord server:


  • Playing with someone who use cheats (knowingly or unknowingly)

    Yes, you heard it right. If the other players who were matched with you are using cheats then that can also cause ban. It may not happen in the first match but after 3+ matches there is a high chance of being banned. So, be sure of who you're playing with. I suggest to play with trustworthy friends instead of random match-making only if you care for your account.

  • Being online in PUBGM from both Mobile and PC with the same account at the same time

    Yeah, that's right. Don't ever make such a mistake because if you do it a number of times then it could be the very end for your account. I know two users who did this and got instantly banned. It is recommended that you logout from your mobile if you regularly play on PC just for precaution.

Note: All of the screenshots and these points was based on the opinions from PUBG players in our discord server and my personal experience. I just gathered them here and tried to visualize them in an easy manner.

Not to mention, these does not apply to cheaters pretending as legit players ? .
Try to avoid all the things that I mentioned here and I hope this helps you somehow.
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Also , You will get banned for 3 months if you buy uc then refund it .
some sellers do that:
you pay them
they charge your account with uc
they request a refund from bank or google play
you get banned


Blog Author
Also , You will get banned for 3 months if you buy uc then refund it .
some sellers do that:
you pay them
they charge your account with uc
they request a refund from bank or google play
you get banned
Never made a deal with such scammy sellers on my tiny PUBG carrier 🤪
Btw, thanks for the leak :)
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