Ultra smooth Extreme 60fps with HDR gfx with 2k resolutin Pubg game play with kernel 5.4.6-zen for Phoenix Darkmatter Exo4.3


Here is video game play using our PhoenixOS Dark Matter with mesa 18.3.6 and our exclusive kernel 5.4.6-zen darkmatter .. ( kernel from our great dev @HMTheBoy154 )

The video is recorded with HDR graphics and extreme 60 fps on 2K resolution

You will see how great and fluid the fps using this great rom

This video is also edited & uploaded to YouTube by @Night

Mirror Link until mido gives gdrive one :- https://mega.nz/#!YGABlIzB!r4-md_vpxSPcESECjgmxIWZekZ7Ucy1nTgYj4ppVhQE
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i came a little late , im starting to hate that guy , i use linux-zen kernel on arch, cant wait to try @HMTheBoy154 android ver, i didnt watched it ,can u reupload the video to gdrive?
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