Ultra smooth with HD and extreme 60 fps 1080 game play with Mesa 19.0.4 on PhoenixOS Dark Matter




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Its great but mine system is poor. I3, no externl gpu, intel integrated 520 graphics. Where is download link of mesa 19.0.4 .


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cool hope u release it soon, or is that test version? , the gearlock tool rocks, i like many of the features, im just having few isues on the two latest exo releases with that rootless pixel launcher when i disable or i unistall it the os become unestable and when restart says android is starting all time , so i had to reinstall and leave as system app again till find a way to remove it , as well i cant install the viper4android driver maybe u can create a gearlock with viper , i was unable to install even on magisk, anyway great work , thanks so much to the team for sharing and support , greetings from mexico

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