Which kernel version is good for you ?

Which kernel version is good for you ?

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Sir, can u tell me best kernel for my low end PC
Thank you.

CPU= Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G620 @ 2.60GHz
RAM=6gb DDR3
no external graphic card


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newbie here, i tried out all kernel available in Dark Matter 4.6

base on my laptop specs:
Intel Celeron 3150
Intel HD 400 (Brasswell)
8gb ddr3 ram

4.14.x: This kernel suit well, run smoothly without any bug, But it cannot give my full speed what i mean is the what my laptop is capable of, and also i can't play 1080p vids it lags. For gaming I can play Pubg in Smooth settings but lags, well i know it because of my specs so I didn't expect so much.

4.13: Best kernel that I run so far, Pubg runs fine with a little bit of lag obviously. The little thing I love this kernel because I can play 1080p vids without loosing stability (though i can play it in windows mode, but it's a little bit hassle to just load up windows 10 just to watch 1080p vids). So far best kernel for my old spec laptop.

4.19: though it runs too, but lots of bugs like playing vids crashes an app has stopped. Maybe it's not compatible for my laptop, i've just tested it just for REVIEW.

that's all and special thanks to devs more power and thumbs up, and also i can play CODM without lag in all kernels.


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which mesa will be best for nvidia 410M with i3 2330m?? 8gb ram 240gigs ssd.
using 4.19 primeos kernel with mesa 17 game runs smooth on everything low getting 60fps but graphics is choppy af, tried mesa 20 & 19.3 and then i got lag with both 4.14.x & 4.13 kernel (graphics looks a little better but getting 20fps) no luck so back to old things. using primeos kernel with mesa 17. please let me know which is best for my setup.
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Suggest me the best kernel and mesa for my pc for pubg.
Intel i3 2370M 2.40ghz
Hd graphics 3000
8gb ddr3 ram
u can try 4.19.27 prime os kernel with mesa 17
also try mesa19 , 20 and let us know about the performance

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