Croudsource Will there be mods of primeos??


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As you guys know that the primeos team is working on primeos 2.0 based on android 11 , I wanted to know whether @AXON @HMTheBoy154 and other devs are planning on making any primeos 2.0 Darkmatter mods (when it will come out obviously) . Although it is a bit early , i am just asking as android 7 is too old now and even Bluestacks is moving on to android pie

Absolutely love Darkmatter:love:


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It'll be a piece of cake to patch almost any android-x86 distro with most of the DarkMatter components with the help of BigDroid.

We're also building DarkMatter in the same way right now. The idea is to create a bunch of independent patch set that could be applied in most mainstream distros. So profit for everyone 😁

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