[xanmod][zen-kernel][GoogleLTS][codename:sakura] Kernel 5.4.x for Android-x86

GearLock-Package [xanmod][zen-kernel][GoogleLTS][codename:sakura] Kernel 5.4.x for Android-x86 5.4.114


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There is no doubt that this kernel 5.4.30 {non google LTS}is better in terms of fps but some times during intense fight in pubg the frame freezes.
Plz fix this issue.
Thank you...


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Does not connect to the internet. says the cable is not connected. already tried with EXTMOD = realtek and it was not.



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Yae Sakura art by EGO

I. Introduction and Features
This kernel........... is like a trial since there's a lot of thing need to be done. I made this kernel with hoping that more hardware can be supported in Darkmatter. Hope that you guys can run this kernel and have the best experience you got :p

Some small features :
- Based on Mauro Rossi's kernel-5.4_si_ylng branch
- Added zen patches from zen-kernel (MuQSS CPU Scheduler compile on non GoogleLTS version) (depricated)
- Added xanmod patches starting from 1.2.1 (https://xanmod.org/)
- Added support for Realtek rtl8723de wireless chipset with ant_sel=2 (read Troubleshoot part for more info)
- Added Realtek rtl8821ce support wireless chipset support.
- Replace stock r8188e wifi module with another module from aircrack-ng

** Some info about MuQSS (Multiple Queue Skiplist Scheduler)

Source :https://lwn.net/Articles/720227/

WARNING : Please do not use it if you have problem with CPU (like TSC_DEADLINE) or else it may got CPU bug, use GoolgeLTS version instead. (temporary deprecated)

Update : Starting from version 1.2.1 I will switch to xanmod patches, read more about it https://xanmod.org/

II. Download
Up there

III. Troubleshoot

1. As lwfinger stated that :

So try this method can help you not only change antenna in rtl8723de, but also some Realtek wifi card like rtl8723be
Open terminal and type this :
su (if you use Terminal Emulator or Termux) rmmod <your_wifi_card> modprobe <your_wifi_card> ant_sel=<antenna_number> <your_wifi_card> is your wifi card name, like rtl8723de <antenna_number> there are 3 number you can use : 0, 1 or 2
IV. Changelog :
- v1.0 (28/03/2020)

+ Initial Release.

V. Bugs :
- Not all device is supported, even if it listed in the kernel..........

VI. Credit.
- EGO for the art (Best HI3 artist)
- aircrack-ng for the rtl8188eus module
- Steven Barrett for zen-kernel project.
- Larry Finger (aka lwfinger) for rtlwifi_extended modules
-Tomás Pinho (tomaspinho) and Android-x86 Project for rtl8821ce module.
- @AXON for Phoenix OS Darkmatter and Gearlock :D

How update Kernel and Mesa please!


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how do i install the google kernel ?? I ended up installing it without knowing if I had the deadline problem and ended up in a bug all over my system :(


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After updating the kernel 5.4.36, the WiFi display is turned on, but the wireless network cannot be searched. The wifi driver is bcm43142. Use darkkmatter original WiFi can be used normally.


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Hello! Plz fix my problem i have phoenix darkmatter 4.6 i upgrade my mesa to 20 and every thing work fine after upgrade to kernel 5.4.36 i have a wifi problem it didnt detect my wifi plzzz help me

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