[zen-kernel][GoogleLTS][codename:chariot] Kernel 4.9.x for Android-x86

GearLock-Package [zen-kernel][GoogleLTS][codename:chariot] Kernel 4.9.x for Android-x86 1.2 (4.9.226)


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Bronya Zaychik art by 7nu

I. Introduction and Features
Well, time to continue my Kernel LTS series. This time with an old kernel that recommend for Virtual Machines (VMWare or Virtualbox) or people that using 2015 hardware and below :D

Some small features :
- Based on Android-x86's Kernel 4.9.214 for Android 9.x
- Added zen patches from zen-kernel (Excpet MuQSS CPU Scheduler)
- Added support for Realtek rtl8723de wireless chipset with ant_sel=2 (read Troubleshoot part for more info)
- Added Realtek rtl8188fu/ftv support wireless chipset support.

II. Download
Up there

III. Troubleshoot

1. As lwfinger stated that :

The ONLY option you are likely to need is "ant_sel". The penny-pinchers at some laptop vendors,

mostly HP, decided to save a few cents to install only one antenna. That would not have been a

problem as the driver contains the logic necessary to handle this case; however, the idiots

failed to correrctly encode that information in the devices ROM. Accordingly, the driver follow

the ROM setting and uses the WRONG antenna. Effectively, the device has NO usable antennas.

So try this method can help you not only change antenna in rtl8723de, but also some Realtek wifi card like rtl8723be
Open terminal and type this :
su (if you use Terminal Emulator or Termux)

rmmod <your_wifi_card>

modprobe <your_wifi_card> ant_sel=<antenna_number>

<your_wifi_card> is your wifi card name, like rtl8723de

<antenna_number> there are 3 number you can use : 0, 1 or 2

IV. Changelog :
- v1.0 (08/03/2020)

+ Initial Release.

VI. Credit.
-7nu for the art (Nice art btw)
-Hans Ulli Kroll for the rtl8188fu wifi module.
- Android-x86 Project for providing Kernel 4.19.80 as base kernel.
- Steven Barrett for zen-kernel project.
- Larry Finger (aka lwfinger) for rtlwifi_extended modules
- @AXON for Phoenix OS Darkmatter and Gearlock :D
And everyone who tested the kernel, modules for me :D (Espcially @Hell Raiser since he's the first one test this kernel)

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