1. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Ps4 controller support

    I hope That someone will create kernel with Ps4 Controller support like on android phone huhuhu....
  2. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Mesa 21 driver

    I just update to the new mesa 21.x.x using mesa from this website. I want to know why my HD6570 which support OpenGL 4.4 only show as OpenGL 3.0 my android x86 pc although i have update the mesa. Thanks. My pc : Intel i5 2400 8gb Ram 60Gb ssd AMD Turks HD6570
  3. TakuruKagami

    Tutorial [Fix command] Have you ever had a problem with your ntfs drive/windows drive not showing up? then here is the answer

    First check with df maybe it is being mounted but in unknown folder If not, test with mount /dev/block/sda"x" find your windows drive number in grub2win if using it or if not using it you can do it by mounting them one by one to folder continue if in command saying something busy or anything...
  4. kethan

    Help Can we use dedicated gpu in android x86 OS?

    The android x86 OS uses internal gpu. in my case its uses (intel hd) and i have (amd radeon) as a dedicated gpu, is there any way to switch this gpu?

    Help New Bliss OS keymapper

    Hello friends some one told me about tincore keymapper for bliss os and android x86 pie version but the problem is that i find it very complicate ... and find that we can import and export keymapper profil so...why people who has pubg and free fire and populaire games keymapper profiles did'nt...

    Help ARM-V8A problem

    hello friend i have a problem when i instal a game like subway surfer using arm-v8a it crash and not starting i delete arm-v8a from build.prop and the problem fixed why arm-v8a games not working on darkmatter os and i try it on prime os and thunderOS and on abstergo os and it doesn't work...
  7. kethan

    Help how to fix mouse acceleration in prime os/android x86 , and setup x axis and y axis mouse sensitivity

    i am using Prime os , it has mouse acceleration and its annoying. is it possible to disable it . and can we setup x axis and y axis sensitivity in android x86 os ?
  8. NajibWalker

    Help Magisk IS not INSTILLING !!

    I tryed to install Magisk using Gearlock ... But Since The It's updated to v22 / or what ever ...It's not Installing...😑 I tried almost all os out there But no luck........PLZ fix it ASOP,...😐 Thanks For reading and If anyone know fix for this it would a great help...😁
  9. manojoea

    Help We need new Android OS 🙏

    @AXON , We need now android x86 base OS mod for bug free gaming.😭
  10. Hamzawy101

    Help PUBG Mobile Texture Lag\3D Rendering Delay and Long Loading Time Problem in Dark Matter

    Bad English? incoming✌. I don't know about you guys but i think many of you have this problem. Every time you launch PUBG Mobile on Dark Matter you get stuck waiting just for the game to load. Could be a minute longer than on mobile, maybe two i can handle it no problem. But that's not it, i...
  11. AXON

    Software Advanced Android-x86 Installer For Windows v1.8

    Introduction Advanced Android-x86 Installer is an windows executable which can help you install possibly any android-x86 operating system directly from windows. It also helps you in installing multiple clones of the same operating system and multi-booting them. Not only that, you can also...
  12. AXON

    [GearLock Trick] What to do if your gaming performance get decreased after a few days in an android-x86

    Do you think that your overall gaming performance is getting lower and lower after each use? Then I have an idea which can help you cover this up. The question is, why does this happen? What I think is that, something inside your data folder is surely being changed which might cause unnecessary...
  13. AXON

    Distro PhoenixOS DarkMatter - Supercharged for Everyone Exo4.7 (BETA-2)

    Introduction DarkMatter is a totally reworked version of the discontinued official PhoenixOS project and to be honest, it'd be quite much of a crime to even call DarkMatter as a part of PhoenixOS now. Not alike others, it has some special features which makes it unique. Since this is based on...