1. V

    Help Touchscreen and mouse problem with Darkmatter

    I cannot watch youtube videos with official app and any other apps such as vanced, newpipe under PrimeOS and need to install & test another android build. Then I've installed Darkmatter and have another strange problem. I think it's related with Darkmatter's settings because I don't have that...
  2. meowed

    Help Does enabling VT (Virtualization Technology) increases performance of Games on Androidx86 OS.

    I've installed several emulators on pc like bluestacks, ld player, memu etc. They always ask for enabling VTx from the bios setup to increase it's performance. So I would like to know that enabling VT on our pc increases the performance of Games in DarkMatter too? Thanks:coffee:
  3. Hafiz_Shauqi


    HELLO Please help mee.... When i install mesa 21,18,20 my hd 6570 detected as AMD turks and run perfectly but KINEMASTER seems to be lag and freeze then Crash please help me guyssss
  4. meowed

    Info Best Kernel and Mesa For my pc is....

    My PC Specs are as follows:- CPU - i5 3rd generation Graphics - Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 RAM - 8GB The best combination of Kernel and Mesa for the following specs is:- Kenrel- 4.9.226 zen-GoogleLTS Darkmatter Mesa - 17.1.10 Constant 60fps at online multiplayer battle royal games. Thanks...
  5. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Help me to do this!! kernel hardware update

    Hi. Sorry i just want to ask what i need to do now to get ps4 controller working. The command are given but i dont know how to put into grub and so on. Can anyone teach me step by step. Here's the command :
  6. A

    Help Not working on amd then 3 with Vega 8 graphic

    How to fix Phoenix os dark matter on ryzen 3 with Vega 8 graphic
  7. pofdzm

    Help Dark Matter Stuck At "Android starting"

    Hi, I just installed Dark Matter on my lubuntu PC. It seems like it worked but when it opened it is just stuck at android starting, i am still able to open the google play store but it isnt allows me to log in and see the thing in it, I can also connect to my WI-FI. Also when i am re-booting the...
  8. Z

    Help Scratched/Distorted screen on PhoenixOS/Darkmatter GUI

    Hello everyone So let me give you a little back story, I Installed PhoenixOS exe from Official website, installed, restarted to boot on the system, scratched/distorted screen happens when the welcome window first time appears. that got fixed (don't know how) by burning the PhoenixOS.iso on a...
  9. A

    Help Graphics issue with intel GPU

    Hi, I am new here, so if this topic is misplaced please guide me to the right place. Anyway I am runnig DarkMatter_Exo4.7_BETA-2 on HP ProBook 450 G5 (Intel Core i7-8550U, Intel UHD Graphics 620 and GeForce MX130) and having installation completed successfully and system boots and I hear...
  10. dehxazu

    Help PUBG freezing when pluging charge :(

    I dont know why PUBG in my laptop always freezing when i charging, (i've the same issue in my Phoenix ROC) i've try all of version of kernel but still got that issue :( i've try to fix this issue since 2 month ago when i use Phoenix ROC too but still not fixed This is my laptop Acer (i forget...
  11. Night

    Phoenix OS Darkmatter USAGE POLICY

    Since many people are helping to promote our mod or make videos about it on their youtube channel, websites, social media & forums we've decided to make this simple Usage Policy so that you can share it anywhere without any issues. [ Frequently Asked Questions ] #1 Can I use darkmatter mod to...