pubg mobile

  1. NightStrike

    Help Mouse unlock without clicking mouse unlock key

    I can't understand when i play pubg(in match) sometimes my mouse unlock without clicking my keyboard key(my mouse unlock key is Ctrl) If u know how to fix this problem then plz reply me.
  2. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Mesa driver for Nvidia crash and bug !

    Hello. Anyone please help me.... I have Nvida Gt 530 . I use Mesa driver 17.x.x give me glitch when open the browser. Website become black white black white glitch and game crash alot .Then, i try mesa 18.x.x it stuck on the loading screen. Can anyone help which mesa need i use to get best game...
  3. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Help me to do this!! kernel hardware update

    Hi. Sorry i just want to ask what i need to do now to get ps4 controller working. The command are given but i dont know how to put into grub and so on. Can anyone teach me step by step. Here's the command :
  4. Ykhan6570

    Help Help me install Darkmatter 4.7

    Guys i am having system of following specs Core i5 4590 @3.3 Ghz 4 cores 12 gb Ram 256 gb ssd 500 gb hdd Nvidia Gtx1050 ti 4gb Monitor 75 Hz 1280x1024 I installed Darkmatter 4.7 successfully in my PC. but i reboot to open darkmatter an error popped up saying no kernel found. help me to...
  5. Hamzawy101

    Help PUBG Mobile Texture Lag\3D Rendering Delay and Long Loading Time Problem in Dark Matter

    Bad English? incoming✌. I don't know about you guys but i think many of you have this problem. Every time you launch PUBG Mobile on Dark Matter you get stuck waiting just for the game to load. Could be a minute longer than on mobile, maybe two i can handle it no problem. But that's not it, i...