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It's good to be on the enemy's betrayal list, because I can know that they are still hate me :) , not like some dou***bag who want to backstab :)

(but actually they are the one who betray me >_>)
[email protected]
plz tell me how to live stream in phoenix os dark matter 4.4 no one stream app is work plz help
One thing I forgot to implent from zen-kernel is the MuQSS Process Scheduler, because when I compile it got problem with some headers made by Google kernel source, so I'm thinking of another try soon.......
Meanwhile im running my luck over encryption 😂 ....
And for each file the chances are like 50/50 🙃
Welp.......... life isn't simple
wanna use darkmatter for your youtube video ? check our usage policy under blog section below.
Extend the limit, create something new :D
You may want to check Discord >_>
Ahh, dang 😓
If i get into there then i get lost 🤣
I'd rather ignore it for a while and work over gearlock...
Today we had half the classes and my HW is also done r8now >_>
So yeah, time to make the use of free free time...
Oh yea :), just get to team-chat only :)
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