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Help me out! i just updated my kernal 5.4 in Rebllion os 1.0v with gearlock and the screen got glich.
Any solutions?
AXON, I just updated my Kernal in rebellion OS 1.0v but after that my screen got Gliched.
I restore my old kernal which is 4.19.7. How do I update it?(and my mesa is 21.0 LLVM12.0.1)
Try a different kernel
I tried 2 of them 5.4 and 5.10
still The same
i've just install sakura kernel 5.4.x for darkmatter 4.7 beta by gearlock, it struck in loading screen and i cant type "g" to open gearlock to remove kernel. anyone help me? reinstall?
You dont have to type g , press esc when gearlock booting screen comes and choose run gearlock recovery mode